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Discount Brokerage


Several sprinters in business attire, one wearing a green suit, prepared to engage in track competition. Canada’s fastest online brokerage site

WebBroker is consistently ranked as Canada’s fastest

In fact, WebBroker is nearly three times faster* than the industry average.

This means you can:

  • Access your account with speed and ease, allowing you to take advantage of market opportunities

  • Invest with confidence, certain that your trade orders can be placed quickly and accurately

We continuously monitor speed and accessibility and benchmark our performance against our competitors. This helps us ensure that we consistently deliver the online services you need at the speed and level of excellence you expect.

Speed of WebBroker compared to industry average, measured by Gomez, Inc.

A bar chart illustrating how WebBroker performance ranks consistently faster than the industry average.

*More about the numbers

Gomez, Inc. ( is an independent organization measuring the web performance of Canada’s largest and most visited online institutions. Performance metrics are derived by running simulated trade order transactions every 30 minutes, between 9:00 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET, on market trading days, testing from multiple facilities across the country. Response time reflects the time elapsed while downloading each Web page in the entire multi-step process. The industry average includes the response time of simulated trade order transactions performed across the online brokerage sites of 10 Canadian discount brokerage firms.

New WebBroker Tools!

Now you can invest online with greater confidence with our new and enhanced WebBroker tools. Find out what we’re doing to improve your investing experience.

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