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Private Client Services

Vacationing couple reading a road map over hood of vintage carIntegrated solutions to grow and preserve your wealth

Our integrated, comprehensive and customized financial solutions give you confidence in your financial decisions and help you enjoy the freedom you've earned.

To help you reach your financial goals, TD Waterhouse Private Client Services has built an exceptional team of experts in banking, estates, trusts and investments. No matter who your primary contact within Private Client Services is, our full team is available to provide financial advice and assistance. Discover our proven approach and our solutions for growing and preserving your assets and transitioning your wealth to future generations.


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TD Waterhouse Private Banking
Banking and wealth management
- If you would like a skilled professional to assist you in managing your finances, including your investments, banking and credit needs, and retirement and estate planning, find out more about TD Waterhouse Private Banking.

TD Waterhouse Private Trust
Estates and trusts
– If you are interested in estate planning, executor assistance, financial management for seniors, and the preservation and transfer of wealth across generations for you, your family or charitable foundation, find out more about TD Waterhouse Private Trust.

TD Waterhouse Private Investment Counsel
Investment management
– If you want a tailored investment strategy based on your individual needs and a professional Portfolio Manager to look after all the day-to-day portfolio monitoring and management, find out more about TD Waterhouse Private Investment Counsel.

TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice
Investment advice
– If you are looking for comprehensive and personalized investment planning and advice, and want to be involved in the key decisions regarding your portfolio, find out more about TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice.

More integrated services that may be of interest to you

If you are not sure which Private Client Services group is right for you, please call 1-866-280-2022 and we can help you decide based on your specific goals. We will then be pleased to introduce you to the appropriate Private Client Services professional in your area.

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